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Statistical Representation of Medversity’s Success

Apart from making learning fun and engaging and retaining customers through loyalty, Medvarsity has also expanded its reach worldwide and gained great fame, as the leading medical training organization with our assistance.

What functions were enhanced with our Web Restructuring Services?

The revamped online learning app enabled the options of coupon data collection, BDM-wise, course-wise and region-wise tracking, systematically used coupon management, points and cashback amounts resetting, bulk mail delivery notifying about the changes made, and more!

What was the Development and Execution process like?

With a tight budget and timeline in hand, we ensured a quick onboarding process. Hence, after analyzing the existing codes minutely, we ensured a quick development using React and Node. Furthermore, we also tested the app’s functionality and quality using advanced testing methods. Thus, we ensured a budget-friendly yet timely development.

Project Information

  • Clients:Medaversity
  • Category:Web Development